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“Most Webflow shops do dev, but don't know growth. Candid Leap goes beyond, with marketing & analytics baked into what they do.

Dan Giovacchini profile picture
Dan Giovacchini
Co-Founder at Tango
No more WordPress!

“The site Candid Leap built is really a true reflection of our brand and our direction, and most importantly, our product and what we can do.”

Dani Braun profile picture
Dani Braun
Head of Marketing, WAIR
No brainer choice

"Candid Leap has been one of the few companies we've worked with in our startup journey that has consistently delivered beyond our expectations”.

Claudia Laurie profile picture
Claudia Laurie
Co-Founder, Prive
That rare partner

“Candid Leap is that rare external partner I can trust to make the right decisions on our behalf. They keep delivering, and we keep extending our scope!”

Ryan Meegoda profile picture
Ryan Meegoda
VP Marketing, SpiderAF
Doing over $75m in ecomm sales...

...my philosophy focuses on rapidly testing landing pages. Candid Leap’s fast communication & leadership in navigating the early branding journey, was exactly what we needed to launch & learn.

Dhru Purohit profile picture
Dhru Purohit
CEO at Dr. Hyman Enterprises
They’ve spoiled us

“We are on project #6 with Candid Leap. The design & dev they do feels so custom; they’ve spoiled us. Trust me, take a call with them.”

Lauralynn Drury profile picture
Lauralynn Drury
Founder, StayTuned Digital

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Frequently Asked Questions

What companies do you work with?

Candid Leap lives to build high stakes marketing sites, requiring custom code and interactions. Our client roster is largely tech companies, with between $10 M - $500+ M in funding. We seek to work with CMOs and CTOs that seek a scalable Webflow marketing site and growth partner.

How much does it cost to work with Candid?

A typical engagement from 3 to 5 months will run between $50-$200k, with design, development and motion graphics included. We are grounded in your goals, and we dedicate time into the areas you need the most focus. We typically have six or seven of our teammates contribute to bringing your site to life. Note: we do have a project minimum engagement at $15,000.

Do you do Webflow Development only?

Yes! We love doing Webflow only projects. That stated, our business systems are rooted in establishing a design system and developing this in Webflow. Most brands (even hyper growth startups with large resources) bring us Figma files from other agencies without a defined & scalable design system. Only if you have experience in web design would you know how to execute a proper design system for web. As a rule, we require brands to provide a proper speced design system or hire us to get their designs into a proper place.

You said motion graphics. Is this common?

75% of our clients hire us to design motion graphics for web (we call these Lottie files). The goal is that these animations contribute to the user experience on your marketing site. We must be strategic though, as there is always a trade off between interactivity and site performance.

How do I get started?

There's a form below where you can share more about your project. If you are really eager to get going, there's also a Calendly link to meet with Hal (the owner of Candid Leap, your go to guy). If you are really excited about Webflow, you can call Hal's cell at 240.274.6011.

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