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The Background

WAIR visualizes a future where shoppers no longer need to worry about selecting their size when shopping online; a future called sizeless commerce.

They have developed a powerful SaaS solution that aims to provide shoppers with virtual fitting rooms, allowing clothing brands to scale their operations and drive growth while receiving powerful user-centered insights.

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The Problem

WAIR already had a website and an agency responsible for it. They were happy with how it all went, except for one thing: once the site went live, WAIR felt as if they were no longer relevant to their agency.

"With the last agency post launch, we were no longer important to them. If we asked for something, there was no response. It was impossible to do anything".

dani braun
Dani Braun
Marketing Director @ WAIR.

That's where we came in.

tablet mockup

The Approach

We met with WAIR’s key stakeholders to assess the situation and get to know its brand personality, website goals, and value offer.

We identified the core issues we needed to address for the project to be successful.

WAIR would provide pre-approved designs, while Candid Leap would adapt those designs to all formats needed to develop a fully responsive marketing website.

The Strategy

Build interactivity and responsiveness into everything.

We knew that getting this custom site to honor their new branding was a big deal for them.

Candid Leap’s background in performance marketing allowed us to speak the same language as WAIR’s Marketing Director, who oversaw this project. This mutual understanding is often rare to find in Webflow and design agencies.

Communication Tools Used With Client
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The Deliverables

Motion Graphics &
Webflow Development


As the client submitted mockups, our designers proceeded first by adapting those designs to fit all types of devices and formats.

Webflow Insight: It's always more challenging to adapt third-party designs than our own, as we can design entire sites knowing what's possible in Webflow and what requires additional custom code.

wair imagewair image
wair imagewair image
wair image
wair imagewair image
wair image

Website Development


Tools used for developing

Moving from Design to Development is always a unique challenge. It's where the site comes to life!

Webflow allows us to take approved designs and turn them into interactive experiences, covering everything from simple functionality to animations, transitions, and more.

A particular request

The client required a specific animation type for the home page that was out of Webflow parameters.

It was a distinctive challenge for Candid Leap to custom code this using the GSAP javascript framework, but the result was worth the effort.

wair image

Lotties vs. Gifs

The client launched the site with animated GIFs. They got the job done, but we recommended using smaller Lottie files as they are easier to implement in Webflow. You can see the difference in this image.

A Development Insight: GIFs are not optimal for websites! They can slow down your page load speed (GIFs typically are large files) or look too compressed & unprofessional.

wair image

"Scrolling bodies"

The client requested a gallery to showcase features in a section. Our team suggested using a different type of animation that better displayed that information.

"We now have this section we call 'scrolling body types. That's an idea you guys came up with. Now that is Greg's (founder) favorite thing about the whole page".

dani braun
Dani Braun
Marketing Director @ WAIR.
wair image

Quality Assurance

Once each section was complete, we'd send it to the client with a staging link. The client would then use to add notes in the staging link, resulting in a streamlined feedback system.

Those comments would go to ClickUp, generating a ticket that our team would handle directly.

wair image

The Results

A fully functional marketing website reflecting the quality of WAIR's world class solution. The top clothing brands on Earth now visit and convert on this new Webflow site.

“My favorite entrepreneur is the Juggernaut that will walk through walls to solve your problem... I'm not talking about the normal stuff, but the ones that will literally build a rocket, fly to Mars, and get home before dinner, just to deliver you a bit of space dust. Thank you Hal and Candid Leap. The site looks great!"

greg moore

Greg Moore


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