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The Background

Superfiliate powers word of mouth growth through personalized storefronts for a brand's best customers, influencers, ambassadors, and affiliates.

superfiliate logo

The Problem

As Superfiliate promotes brands through custom experiences, they realized they also needed one.

They decided to approach Candid Leap to create a landing page for their service so people could join the waitlist to work with them. It needed to be unique, with lots of singular details and animations.

"We had no branding at the time, we had no feel for what our brand wanted to be. We had endless collections of inspiration for what we wanted for the brand, but even coming off of a relationship with a creative agency, the brand was not there."

anders bill

Anders Bill

Co-founder, Superfiliate

tablet mockup

The Approach

Even when they had all the tools needed to create the website by themselves, they decided to trust us with their most important project. Their own website.

They would only be in charge of design, as we would focus on animations and development.

“It would be a mistake even for VC-funded companies to say, ’Hey, we have the resources. Let's do it internally’. Your site is going to be a living asset; you need to find the right partner rather than an agency. None of these home sites are static".

anders bill

Anders Bill

Co-founder, Superfiliate

The Strategy

Custom Animations, lot's of it. This was a client who knew what what they wanted, and we were willing to give that extra mile to make it possible, even if we had to go outside of Webflow to create it.

We decided that Webflow would be the base we would use to develop the entire site and provide an excellent user experience. We would then go into berserker mode with custom, detail-filled animations that would blow our client's mind.

And that's exactly what we did.

The Deliverables

Premium Webflow Development
Motion Graphics
& Animations

Superfiliate Website & Animations

We had great designs provided by the client. It was up to us to make them come to life and add motion to the site through one-of-a-kind animations.

“Motion is so powerful in describing what the feature does and bringing the site to life. It was the backbone of every section that we had.”

anders bill

Anders Bill

Co-founder, Superfiliate

Style Guide

Even when the client was in charge of designing the site, we had creative control to deliver its final look & feel.

We developed a Style Guide for the website, specifying Typography, colors, styles, sizes and more.

superfiliate mockup

Element Interaction

Yes, the client provided us with unique designs. Still, we had to foresee how those elements would interact with each other while following the best practices to provide a great user experience.

Slider Interaction

Before hard animating any Lottie files, we use Figma animations. This step confirms that we are going in the right direction.

The keyframes and visual queue leads to a strong high fidelity final product, all in less time.

Lottie Animations

Once we had a basic structure, we needed to add a bit of flair to it. Lotties are a great way of adding movement to a site without adding weight to sites (as animated gifs do).

“The Lottie files that the CandidLeap team did were so impactful for us because they showed such web-optimized motion. They were the backbone of every section we had”.

anders bill
Anders Bill
Co-founder, Superfiliate

Website Development

Finally, we developed a whole responsive site on Webflow. We started with ideas, distinct elements, and a Style Guide, and came up with the first draft of a fully functional site, working entirely on each different breakpoint or screen size.

Then, with the feedback from the client, we developed the complete functionality of the site.

superfiliate mockup

Changes allowed!

Everything done on Webflow can be changed or modified by the client without entering any code.

Using Webflow CMS - Webflow's content manager- the client can replace the video on the background, the images on the side, text, and much more.

superfiliate mockup

Superfiliate Animation

As it was their own marketing website, the client was looking to build a premium-looking site, with custom illustrations and animations.

They wanted something unique and stylish to build on using the fonts and colors they liked.

The Results

An incredibly happy client, whiling to work with us on site expansions and many new projects. Is there a better result?

“Candid Leap is a full-suite Webflow agency that helps you launch a rebranded experience of your marketing website, excelling at bringing a vision to a fully functioning website that's already generating new leads”.

anders bill

Anders Bill

Co-founder, Superfiliate

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