Helping a large Japanese company expand its digital presence internationally.

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The Background

Spider AF is a very successful Japanese company that developed an AI Engine that identifies and blocks all types of click fraud, eliminating bots, competitor click-spamming and dark click strategies from ad campaigns.

They managed to become one of their leaders in the Japanese market.

The Problem

The company was planning to expand internationally, but a big part of their brand and  communication assets were actually made for the Japanese market.

They needed new materials made with an international audience in mind (US, Europe and English speaking markets).

Since it was an expansion to new markets, they needed to go big, with an impressive website.

The Approach

As they had had bad experiences with other agencies and since it was a large project involving over 22 pages, we decided to include spider AF as a direct part of the process, sometimes even working directly and strategizing with their VP of Marketing, Ryan. Meegida.

The Strategy

It was the international release of Spider AF. We knew that an event of this size required a fully customized marketing website, with nearly 30 pages of hand-drawn illustrations and animations.

That meant walking the extra mile, and we were up for it.

“We wanted to create a marketing site where every page looked unique, telling a story and keeping users hooked like only Candid Leap could do”.

Ryan Meegida, VP of Marketing @ SpiderAF

The Deliverables

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Web Design
Webflow logo
Premium Webflow
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Motion Graphics
& Animation
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Website Design

wair imagewair image
wair image

Logo & Branding

Initially, they did not want to change their logo, but they did want to change the aesthetics of the brand and the structure and design of their website. it wasn't a complete rebrand, but adjustments where needed, and where made.

“It wasn't a traditional website project. You guys helped us to rebrand as well, making the brand part more for an international audience”.
Ryan Meegida, VP of Marketing @ SpiderAF


One of the most important steps of all. We started with complete wireframes in order to properly distribute information and develop the UX.

Design Insight
Never miss the wireframing step. It will allow you to prioritize information and simplify everything for developers


Following the brief, we put all our efforts on taking the site west (from Japan), and dive it that international look that the client was searching for.

Results were amazing!

Website Development

This is where the challenge resides. We were not just developing a website. We needed to build a complete 22 pager with custom design, illustrations, and animations.

From designs to pages

We take our initial designs and begin to develop page after page, bringing an already moving design to life.

From hand Sketches to custom illustrations

Our own Creative Director, Bardia Zoltani, took charge in developing custom illustrations from hand sketches, adding life to the website and showcasing how the service works.

Entirely on Webflow

Everything, from the layouts of the first sketches to the final website, was designed with Webflow, allowing us to provide a custom experience in a record time and with no loss of quality.

Better dropdowns

As we worked closely with the client, each step of the process was pre-approved prior to development, and then Figma allowed us to share the final versions with the client for the last corrections.

In a big project like this, the Quality Assurance stage of the process becomes vital to keep everything running smoothly and just moving forward.

The Results

A fully functional marketing website reflecting the quality of a world class business solution for an international audience and a very satisfied customer, who then decided to extend an initial three month contract to further improve and maintain the site.

“I actually have a level of trust with you guys to the point where now sometimes when I don't have time to review something. I can trust that you guys would make the right decision to proceed. And so I think that's really important with a partner like that you're working on a big project with. And you can't really say that with a lot of agencies”.

greg moore

Ryan Meegida

VP of Marketing @ SpiderAF

“We just launched our most updated @webflow site (, with the help of @HalZeitlin and the team. Visitor --> lead is up 50%.”
greg moore

Greg Moore

CEO of WAIR, serial entrepreneur

New project
Once the contract for the website was finalized, Prive trusted us again to create the pricing, blog, case studies and features pages for the site.

We agreed on moving from fixed-price projects to a retention model, from which we continue to deliver valuable projects with the client.

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