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The Background

ShopAgain is a Shopify platform that helps small and medium-sized eCommerce businesses build and maintain relationships with their customers, increase conversion rates, and increase revenue.

To achieve this, ShopAgain uses Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, generating hyper-personalized email and SMS marketing campaigns.

The Problem

ShopAgain's previous website was designed by its owner, but as the business grew, he began to feel that the site did not adequately convey the identity of the brand.

“The previous website was created by me. It looked basic, it needed to better communicate the brand and also to look more professional”.

Maruti Agarwal, founder of

The Approach

Side by Side
We organized the entire process together with the client, setting deadlines for deliverables according to the urgency of their needs.

This “customer-centric” strategy ensured a smooth back and forth that led to an involved client willing to participate in every step of the process.

The Strategy

Once we established the brand’s personality and positioning statement, we identified the core issues we needed to address for the project to be successful.

“The old website was speaking more to what the company does and not what the product is and, how helpful it is”.

Hal Zeitlin, owner @ Candid Leap

The Deliverables

Web design icon
Web Design
Webflow logo
Premium Webflow
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Motion graphics icon
Motion Graphics
& Animation
Branding icon

Website Design

Exploration and visual directions
We first approached the redesign by exploring ShopAgain’s entire marketing segment and determining what it took to own it.

wair imagewair image
wair image


We develop wireframes for the entire site to improve its user experience and give it a solid structure.

We then broke down the UX into a few sections (Features, Pricing, Customers, FAQs, and a signup page for early access) as it was the best way to market ShopAgain and show how it works.


The proposed visual style sought a perfect balance between professionalism and playfulness, the two aspects that best define how ShopAgain conducts its business.

To better reflect the brand’s identity on the site, we added new fonts and colors, ensuring that all aspects of the design could later get implemented in real-world situations.

Website Development

Tools used for developing

We used a wide range of SaaS solutions throughout the development process to ensure quality and functionality, Webflow being the main one.

In addition, we employed a range of optimization solutions, such as TinyPNG and SVGOMG to reduce load times, as well as Javascript for timecode slider tabs and custom price sliders, getting a better user experience.

We also use Lottie to generate unique animations that made the website to stand out and be memorable

Communication tools used with the client:

slack icon
marker io icon
clickup icon

Quality Assurance

The quality of the project was ensured by undergoing multiple rounds of reviews by different parts of the Candid Leap team.

We also ran tests on different devices, environments, and dimensions to ensure everything executed smoothly.

The Results

Since the website and visual identity overhaul, ShopAgain has seen increases in multiple areas.

The conversion rate percentage increased **from 1% to 3%**, followed by an increase in lead generation and conversions: **300% more leads generated **and **400% more paying customers**.

“Candid Leap took our Ecomm SaaS templatey site and turned it into what we need to compete and win.”

Maruti Agrawal. Co-founder.

“We just launched our most updated @webflow site (, with the help of @HalZeitlin and the team. Visitor --> lead is up 50%.”
greg moore

Greg Moore

CEO of WAIR, serial entrepreneur

+3% Conversion Rate

+300% lead generation

+400% paying customers

$200.000 paying customers

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