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The Background

Prive is an ecommerce subscription software that aims to add more ways to buy from D2C and digitally native brands, helping these brands enable, manage, and grow their business.

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The Problem

Prive had an old website that was in need of an update. They had partially completed designs ready to be implemented, but no one to develop them.

They tried with another agency that was not efficient, did not communicate well, and were simply unable to meet timelines.

“We worked with a larger agency that kind of promised us the world and it was really not the experience that we thought we were signing up for.”

- Claudia Laurie, Co-Founder @ Prive

“There it was, an awesome design with no one to develop it correctly. That’s where we came in.”

- Hal Zeitlin, Owner @ Candid Leap

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The Approach

We met with the client to explore pain points regarding previous experiences with the site. Prive knew what they were looking for.

We agreed that Prive was going to provide approved designs, and Candid Leap would be in charge of adapting those designs for mobile, leading creative for all motion graphics and developing the entire website.

The Strategy

As the client was getting ready for an upcoming launch, we worked together on a strict list of deliverables and a fixed date for the site to be up and running.

We also agreed on trying to develop everything on Webflow, in order to make it easy to maintain and get interactive motion graphics live.

The Deliverables

Motion Graphics &
Webflow Development

Website Design

The client came with ready-to-develop desktop designs, and we proceeded to correctly adapt those designs to all versions of mobile in the amount of time Prive needed to launch.

A Webflow Insight
It's always more challenging to adapt third party designs than our own, as we can design entire sites knowing what’s possible and what is not.

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prive mockupprive mockup
prive mockup
prive mockupprive mockup

Homepage designs across four breakpoints

We adapted the layouts  across four breakpoints as requested by the client to make the site work on larger screens. Websites are dynamic-- we do not develop on fixed canvases, but fluid screens!

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Figma Web Style Guide

We designed a Web Style Guide in order to be consistent throughout the entire project. Well prepared style guides are critical to executing a scalable and consistently developed site.

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Our preferred platform


Developed in Webflow

The entire site was developed using Webflow, something that allowed us to meet agreed timelines while customizing it to the client's needs.

Since going live, Prive has been able to update their site as often as they'd like using the powerful Webflow CMS editor.

Gradient Scrolling Effect

We took advantage of the gradient used in the background of the original layouts, linking scrolling action to slowly changing the gradient’s tone across the entire site.

Hero Linked Animation

In the Hero section, we were able to create and link headline text animations with custom illustrated animations. This allowed us to tell an interactive story while showcasing what Prive does.

Scroll Interaction

The link between text and animation was not limited to the header. As the user scrolls through the home page, different animations appear in each section.

Filtering Features

After the site went live, Prive asked us design and develop additional pages. One was for an information rich features library. We used a custom filter solution + CSS to allow the visitor to keep scrolling down the page while drilling down into the features they need most.

Development insight
Webflow currently doesn’t have the most robust filtering solutions out of the box. We use scripted solutions to extend the power of Webflow!

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Quality Assurance

The quality of the project was ensured through multiple rounds of reviews by different parts of the Candid Leap team and then by Prive staff.

The quality of the project was ensured through multiple rounds of reviews by different parts of the Candid Leap team and then by Prive staff.

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The Results

A fully customized and functional website that allowed the client to meet upcoming launch dates, keep adding/changing elements on their own, and continue growing as an upcoming SaaS startup.

“Having worked with other agencies, Candid Leap has been one of the few companies we've worked with in our startup journey that has consistently delivered beyond our expectations.”

claudia laurie

Claudia Laurie

Co-Founder @ Prive

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